This site is the product of a new multi-institutional collaborative project (BRIT, Conservation International-Melanesia, the University of Minnesota, the New York Botanical Garden, and Harvard University) to database vouchered plant collections from New Guinea, using the Atrium Biodiversity Information System developed at BRIT. Cornerstones of this project are extensive New Guinea plant collection data from Dr. George Weiblen (at U. Minn.) and Dr. Robert Johns (at BRIT, formerly of Kew). These collection data will inform future fieldwork in the region by directing field teams to undercollected areas that may be worthy of study and in need of conservation. We hope that by providing a resource for botanical collections on one website, this will also become a useful tool for education and research, in New Guinea and around the world.

This project is supported by the Beneficia Foundation, Conservation International-Melanesia, and the Botanical Research Institute of Texas.