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Digital Flora of New Guinea

New Guinea is one of the most diverse areas in the tropics with 15,000 to 25,000 species of plants (possibly as many as 30,000 species). Despite being a global biodiversity hotspot and one of the major tropical wilderness areas of the world, this is one of the most poorly-collected regions of Melanesia. Many of the plant species are endemic (in some families over 90 percent). The majority of the species are so poorly known that they can have little impact on our understanding of New Guinea ecosystems and consequently on sustainable management and conservation.

With long isolation from other landforms and many unique habitats, speciation events have contributed to the high endemism of this island. The same characteristics that make New Guinea a special place also mean that without adequate conservation planning, human encroachment may cause a huge loss of species in the future. Many plant species are listed as threatened or endangered (264 species in Papua New Guinea alone) by The World Conservation Union’s IUCN Red List (2007).

Conservation organizations and other stakeholders in the future of New Guinea’s biodiversity management need a comprehensive website to view primary, voucher-based, georeferenced collection data to inform targeting of species, site, and corridor conservation planning. The Digital Flora of New Guinea (started December 2007) will provide just such a resource. We will be incorporating more researchers' data in the coming months.

Atrium is a technology platform for revolutionizing biodiversity information management by enabling researchers and organizations to share, synthesize, manage and publish biodiversity data in a collaborative, online environment. Atrium provides a broad range of tools for research organizations as well as an unparalleled, open-source framework based on industry standards which facilitates the development of powerful applications and tools for the biodiversity community. For further information, please visit the web site.

New Guinea Atrium is serving 635 species represented by 8705 collections and 5591 images.


New Features

The Digital Flora of New Guinea has upgraded to Atrium 1.7.1 which introduces the following new features:

  • New data management and administrative tools
  • New data import functions for collections and images
  • Support for IPTC image metadata
  • Bug fixes and usability enhancements