Collection Details

Species: Saurauia sp.

Actinidiaceae Saurauia sp.
G.D. Weiblen , W.L. Clement GW2666

Collection Date: 15 October 2005
Determined By: G.D. Weiblen
Determination Date: 15 October 2005
Institution: unknown


Continent: Australia

Country: Papua New Guinea

Region: Chimbu Province

Locality Description: Mu Village, near Kundiawa.

DD Latitude: -6.08333

DD Longitude: 145.033

Max. Elevation: 2000 m


Habitat Description: Montane forest.

Botanical Data

Plant Notes: Small tree, 2 m h. Twigs and petioles with occassional hairs that are broad at the base and tapering to the end. Pink bracts subtending flowers. Flowers with white petals and yellow orange stamens. Digital image. DNA voucher.

Max. Height: 2 m

Other Data

Project: G.D. Weiblen Collection