Collection Details

Species: Saurauia sp.

Actinidiaceae Saurauia sp.
G.D. Weiblen , W.L. Clement GW2665

Collection Date: 15 October 2005
Determined By: G.D. Weiblen
Determination Date: 15 October 2005
Institution: unknown


Continent: Australia

Country: Papua New Guinea

Region: Chimbu Province

Locality Description: Mu Village, near Kundiawa.

DD Latitude: -6.08333

DD Longitude: 145.033

Max. Elevation: 2000 m


Habitat Description: Montane forest.

Botanical Data

Plant Notes: Small tree 4-5 m h, 5 cm dbh. Leaves are fleshy, glabrous, and corriaceous. Axillary inflorescences, white flowers with white petals and many yellow stamens. Digital image. DNA voucher.

Height: 4-5 m

Max. DBH: 5 cm

Other Data

Project: G.D. Weiblen Collection