Collection Details

Species: Syzygium sp.

Myrtaceae Syzygium sp.
G.D. Weiblen GW2067

Collection Date: 14 November 2003
Determined By: G.D. Weiblen
Determination Date: 14 November 2019
Institution: unknown


Continent: Australia

Country: Papua New Guinea

Region: Sandaun Province

Locality Description: Utai.

DD Latitude: -3.38405

DD Longitude: 141.586

Max. Elevation: 300 m


Habitat Description: Secondary forest.

Botanical Data

Plant Notes: Tree to 8 m in height, 10 cm dbh, leaves ovate, 10-15 cm wide x 20 -30 cm long, flowers in groups of 2-4, flowers in bud, yellow, eight-sided. Digital image. Fruits collected in packet.

Max. Height: 8 m

Max. DBH: 10 cm

Other Data

Project: G.D. Weiblen Collection